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Matthew 5:3-12 (Paraphrased)


Blessed is the Believer,
With all of God's provision;
Humble…insignificant in our own eyes,
But, in God's eyes…of great worth!

Blessed with the knowing we have God's favor,
We have eyes to see His grace towards us;
Although we moan…as other do,
Still, we know His comfort!

Blessed, joyful and satisfied,
Because we know of God's favor…His salvation;
Despite all outward appearance,
Still, we are patient and shall inherit the earth!

Blessed and spiritually prosperous,
The "born-again" child of God;
Who hungers and thirsts for more of our God,
He shall not let us down…His promises are true!

Blessed…to be envied,
Having true happiness;
Because our happiness comes from Above,
We have a pure heart and shall see God!

Blessed with a joyous life,
Because we walk with God…daily;
We are able to have peace with God,
And, with each other…because we are His sons!

Blessed…in that we are satisfied,
Knowing God favors the Believer;
Although, outwardly persecuted for our stand,
Our's is the Kingdom of Heaven!

Blessed and so happy,
God's favor and salvation…real to us;
People may revile…speak evil;
It is false…they're against God, not us!

Be glad…be joyful,
Our reward isn't here, but in Heaven;
Isn't this the price all Believers,
Have had to pay…to walk God's way?

The salt of the earth,
The light of the world;
Great things we are called to be,
Not our's…but His glory unfurled.

That others may know,
That others may see;
Mere men here…but Christ Jesus,
Living and breathing…in us.

To the awesome responsibility,
Been given much…much required;
Because we have Christ indwelt,
We shall succeed…never grow tired.

Stick with God's plan…He'll bring it to pass,
No matter how hopeless it may look;
Cling to each promise in His Word,
We win…………we've read the end of the Book!


Oct. 11, 2000

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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