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Rev. 21:4 “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”


So alone…O' so alone,
No one to comfort me;
Heart is broken…torn in two,
How…O' how can this be?

As a young child…where did we turn,
When life had gone amiss;
Who was there to comfort,
When overwhelmed with distress?

If we were fortunate,
And some were not;
We had a Dad willing to listen,
To the things that tied our stomach into knots.

The hurtful things that caused us,
Our pillow to flood with tears;
Injustice, rejection…the hurtful things in life,
They came rushing in and with them…fear.

Sometimes even earthly fathers,
Just cannot be there;
For one of a dozen reasons,
Not always that they do not care.

In times like these…and more so,
As older we become;
Our hearts are hardened,
Burying deep, the hurts…harder to overcome.

These things need not be so,
For when humans fail us;
We have a heavenly Father,
We can turn to…with trust.

“Climb up onto My lap,”
So…willingly I run;
To feel the comfort afforded me,
When to Him…I come.

He’s always willing…always there,
Whenever I have need;
This heavenly Father of mine,
“Tell Me of your troubles…proceed.”

He wraps His arms about me,
He holds me so very tight;
That I may feel His presence,
And, the fears…they all take flight.

He rocks me back and forth,
Putting my mind at ease;
Safe in His arms…am I,
Safe from all harm and all that does displease.

I feel His gentle breath,
Like a breeze upon my hair;
As words of comfort He does speak,
Banishing all my cares.

Gentle words…He speaks to me,
In a voice so still and small;
That if I were not close to Him,
I’d not hear them at all.

I feel His chest go in and out,
With every breath He takes;
And, as He holds me close to Him,
His heart-beat…fears erase.

Such a joy to know He cares for me,
Such reassurance and peace;
To climb up onto Father’s lap,
Focused on Him…my troubles cease.

Now I can go upon my way,
Knowing Father loves me so;
Assurance of His love for me,
Causes my confidence to grow.

He can do the same for you,
Climb up onto Father’s lap;
Rest assured…He will make things right,
His loving arms…around you…wrap.

No matter what the world can do,
We have One who cares;
And, we can always go to Him,
Speak constantly…in prayer.

For when we pray…we know that,
He always hears our plea;
And, in His time…He’ll work it out,
That’s how much He loves you and me!


Dec. 13, 2001

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love


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