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1Corinthians 12:1-11


No one can say that Jesus is LORD,
Except by the Holy Spirit;
Any other way…will never do,
My Brother, my Sister…now, hear it.

Diversity of gifts…the same Spirit,
Different ministries…the same LORD,
Diversity of activities…,
One, who works all in all…God.

The Spirit, manifested,
Given to each one…for the profit of all;
Like a mighty…rushing wind,
Will blow down any doctrinal wall.

The WORD OF WISDOM…He bestowed,
Seeing things we cannot see;
Insight beyond man's power,
On this, we have to agree.

The WORD OF KNOWLEDGE…He sends forth,
No school of higher learning;
For this…no college degree,
To the learned, this is disturbing.

FAITH is a very special gift,
Without which…what would we do?
All of God's precious promises,
We would never believe to be true.

And, without HEALING…where would we be today?
For doctors are skilled to cut and prescribe;
Still, all healing comes from God,
While we, their potions imbibe.

MIRACLES…we all long to see,
Unexplained…by mortal man;
Oftimes, they happen…our faith renew,
Still, all part of God's perfect plan.

And, PROPHECY…another gift,
As God reaches out to man;
He'll surely bring it to pass,
When God has really spoken.

DISCERNING OF SPIRITS…much needed today,
If the Church is to continue to grow;
For much that we see, comes not from God,
And, much comes from man's ego.

KINDS OF TONGUES…edification comes,
Builds up the Church, today;
A Heavenly language…straight from God's throne,
His love…encourages us to obey.

God's Word spoken loud and clear;
Not knowing the language, but God imparts,
Through a yielded the ear that will hear.

The Holy Spirit works all these things,
Giving to each one…as He wills;
Nine gifts poured-out, unto the Church,
Making us one…IN CHRIST…He instills.


Aug. 28, 2000

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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