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1Jn.4:7 "Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.
8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love."


As we march down the halls of time,
Meeting many…as we go;
There is no one to compare with…
The God of Love.

He is called Jehovah-Jirah, (Gen. 22:14)
Because He's our great Provider;
Takes care of all our needs…
The God of Love.

To Moses, He was Jehovah-Nissi, (Ex. 17:15)
My Banner…conquers all my foes;
We wave His name on high…
The God of Love.

Jehovah-Shalom was His name, (Jud. 6:24)
Our Peace…to Gideon;
And, so He is even today…
The God of Love.

Jehovah-Shammah…to Ezekiel, (Ex. 48:35)
Forever Near…and that for certain;
We need Him closely by our side…
The God of Love.

And, to Jeremiah, (Je. 23:6)
Meaning: our Justification…
The God of Love.

In the book of Exodus, (Ex. 12:12)
He was Jehovah-Elohiym;
Mighty God…
The God of Love.

When Abraham walked on the earth, (Gen. 17:1)
Jehovah-El Shaddai, He was called;
With meaning of: Almighty God…
The God of Love.

Back to Moses, we do go, (Gen. 14:18)
His name was Jehovah-El Elyon;
Most High God…
The God of Love.

Joshua gave Him a name, (Josh. 3:10)
Jehovah-El Hai;
Living God, and such He was to him…
The God of Love.

Jehovah-Adonai…name spoken,
When God was read;
A very Special Name…
The God of Love.

And, let us not forget,
I am the LORD that heals thee…
The God of Love.

To proceed along this journey,
As we march down the halls of time;
We enter into a new and living way,
He shows us how much He is…The God of Love.

When He gave to all the world,
His only begotten Son;
A New Covenant with us,
He'd just begun…The God of Love.

Through the shed blood of JESUS,
We're free to enter in;
Into this new and living way,
No longer bound by sin: 'tis…The God of Love.

Now, we truly see His Love,
Manifested in our Lord;
And our heart's-cry now is,
Love through me…The God of Love.

*1Cor. 13:4-8,13

LOVE is longsuffering and kind,
His patience…deep within;
With hands outstretched,
To those who are in sin…The God of Love.

LOVE does not envy,
Not wanting what others have;
Content with what God has provided,
For He is…The God of Love.

LOVE is not a show-off,
It is not puffed-up;
Knows it's humble roots come from God…
The God of Love.

LOVE behaves itself…seeks not its own way,
Not easily provoked;
And thinks only good…
The God of Love.

LOVE rejoices in the truth,
And, not iniquity;
Sees the goodness of God all around…
The God of Love.

And, LOVE bears all things,
Believes, hopes, endures;
And, above all…never gives up…
The God of Love.

Now, we have faith, hope, and love,
Praise God for these;
Still…the greatest of all is LOVE…
The God of Love!


Aug. 24, 2000

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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