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Entire Book of Proverbs!


There's a guide to daily living,
In the Book of Proverbs…found;
An answer to each mystery,
While we are earth-bound.

Many words of wisdom,
Put forth by Solomon;
Words to cover daily needs,
Words to enhance…not spoil our fun!

For every need…a solution,
An answer for each task;
They're all at our finger tips,
And, all we need do…is ask.

So, find your problem in the Book,
And, with it…the solution;
Like Solomon of old…we'll find,
That God is the conclusion.

He really has made,
A way…when there was none;
We can trust His inspired Word,
Not partial…but complete and done.

A road-map set before us,
A guide…in time of need;
With each and every crossroad,
His Word has…each one of us…freed.

So, go to the Book of Proverbs,
Wisdom in each and every line;
Our lives…again set on course,
Each and every time!


Jan. 20, 2001

Aimee Love

© All Rights Reserved

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Aimee Love