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Prov. 17:22 "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones."


Sometimes, I've been downcast,
Life bearing down on me;
Nothing seemed to matter,
As blue…as blue can be.

Down there…on the bottom,
Dark sky up above;
Put down by everybody,
No where to be seen is love.

Through these times of trouble,
I've learned something…in each case;
I've learned that there is a way,
To rise above…not remain abase.

A song…within…begins to stir,
Ever so small…at first;
Just a simple little melody,
But soon, from deep within…it would like to burst!

A gentle little stirring,
And then, a bit of tremble;
Soon it's bubbling down inside,
And, I cannot control the rumble!

It's leaping up…now,
I simply cannot contain it,
And now…even my face is glowing!

This merry heart…so deep within,
Its melody so pure;
It keeps on humming…humming,
I cannot remain demure.

Could I hold back…keep inside,
This merriment contain?
Burst…I surely would,
If I would but try to refrain.

Now…with all that's in me,
A shout of glee comes forth;
Again…this merry heart,
Its joy is breaking forth!

All gloom is sent…a'fleeing,
With joy…it cannot stay;
The two…not live together,
Joy shall rule…today!

My…Oh my, I'm feeling better,
This medicine…the cure;
A merry heart…to overflowing,
With a melody so pure.

I want to sing…to dance with glee,
My foot begins a'tapping;
I cannot…would not,
Stop it now…my hands begin a'clapping!

Merriment…the medicine,
Better than anything in bottles;
I've tried them all…believe me,
So, why would I…this joy…want to throttle?

Let it just bubble up…and over,
Bring merriment to all;
Let health and happiness return,
The greatest joy we can recall!

The joy of the LORD is our strength,
Greater than any other;
So, let's spread that joy around,
Give it to one another!


Nov. 12, 2000

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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