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Phil. 1: 21 "For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."


Has your life been disappointment,
Not quite what you had planned;
With all the best of intentions,
You've let down and been let down…by man?

It's funny how that happens,
For the best…is all our goals;
Still, we fall so very short,
And, on and on…it goes!

Self-sacrifice…lay down your life,
In all things…preferring others;
Compromise, misunderstood…ingratitude,
Way back…to when you were a youngster.

'Tis a plight common unto mankind,
Shared by the rich and poor;
Vanity, vanity…all is vanity,(Eccl.12:8)
With the years…increases more and more.

And, just why do we do it,
This give…and never take;
Why do we become vulnerable,
Allow others…our heart's to break?

'Tis true…we have one lifetime,
And, for the best…we wish;
We give it all we have,
But, the bull's eye…somehow we miss.

You compromise…for me,
I compromise…for you;
And, somehow neither one of us,
Is satisfied…'tis true.

A lifetime of trying to please others,
Not a single one agrees;
That you have done anything right,
Oh, most wretched and miserable are we!

Is a lifetime too short a time,
To please every woman and man?
Is the answer to please ourselves,
Maybe that should be our plan.

Yes, it's for sure we cannot please,
Each and everyone;
So why not eat, drink and be merry,(Eccl.8:15)
In this one lifetime…have some fun?

Many have tried it…gone that route,
And, what was the "end" thereof?(Prov.16:25)
Have they found true happiness,
Not that I have heard of!

So, what is the solution,
Or, is there even one?
One lifetime…still…all vanity,
From this outcome…we cannot run.

We can do our best…our very best,
And, give it all we've got;
Appreciated or not…it's their problem,
Too long…over this one, we have fought.

"For me…to live is Christ,"(Phil.1:21)
Yes, He's the Anointed One;
And, like Paul of old…we can say,
"To die is gain."…This one lifetime…done.

We'll have to leave it in God's hands,
We cannot work it all out;
Just do our best…our very best,
For only God knows what it's all about.

He sees the end…from the beginning,(Isa.46:10)
Our times are in His hands;(Psa.31:15)
With the best of our intentions,
Still, everything is in His plan.

He does good work, each thing…all-inclusive,
Our finite minds…at very best;
Can never work it out,
Trust our LORD…and in Him REST.(Heb.4-all)

The compromises we did make,
The times…misunderstood;
We cannot see our LORD'S wide-scope,
And, how He'll turn them into good.

We have to trust that He knows best,
For surely…by now we've learned;
He has a broader…wider scope,
And, the outcome…He has planned.

Be led by His Spirit,(Rom.8:14)
In all you say and do;
The outcome happens…farther off,
It's up to Him…not me and you!


Jan. 13, 2001

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love