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John 12:46 "I have come as a LIGHT into the world, that whoever believes in Me shall not abide in darkness." (JESUS)


Out of the shadows,
Come into the Light;
No longer in darkness,
You're My chosen delight.

Why do you draw back,
From what do you hide;
Have you done wrong,
Or is it just pride?

What does hinder,
And hold you back;
Are you timid…unsure,
What is it you lack?

Have I not given,
Provided for all needs;
Made restitution,
For all of your deeds?

Come, let Me bring you,
From shadows deep;
Out to the Light,
My promises keep.

Come, let Me set you,
High on a hill;
A beacon…a Light,
This is My will.

That others may see,
May see and be blessed;
Encouragement give them,
To trust more…not less.

This is My will,
My purpose and plan;
That all of My people,
Be blessed in this land.

Abundant life…give I,
To all who are mine;
Set high on a hill,
Let your little Light shine!


Aug. 17, 2000

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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