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*James 4:2 "…ye have not, because ye ask not."

**John 5:19 "Then answered Jesus and said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of himself, but what he seeth the Father do: for what things soever he doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise."


There's power in prayer,
I've seen it to be so;
From tumors…to asthma,
I've seen them all go.

With Jesus…Great Physician,
Standing by our side;
Healing power knows no limit,
It's power world-wide.

Jesus healed many,
In all sorts of ways;
His power not limited,
It continues to these days.

Sometimes we have not because we ask not,*
Bound by foolish pride;
There's many a reason,
Sometimes…our faith we've denied.

God always answers,
While we're on bended knee;
Sometimes we don't listen,
So busy are we.

If we took time to listen,
Surprised we would be;
His precious promises,
These we would see.

In many ways answers,
Our heart-felt prayer,
Sometimes, "Yes"…"No"… or "Wait",
We need not despair.

The answer forth-coming,
It is on it's way;
No limits to God,
His will does not sway.

"I do only those things,
I see My Father do";**
Jesus' words ring out,
Their promise still true.

So, while we are waiting,
On bended knee;
Take time to listen,
Do what He decrees.

Ask our Great Physician,
His purpose and plan;
His will…always the best way,
His time…we'll not hasten.

Sometimes instant healing,
Others… slowly come;
He's teaching…our faith increasing,
For the many…not only some.

His purpose and plan,
Far-reaching…for man;
His vision is wide,
Has great scope…has great span.

When His answer is "Yes",
And a miracle comes;
How happy are we,
Of this great outcome.

What of the times when He says, "No",
Do we cry and fuss;
Say there is no God,
Why would it happen, thus?

Do we judge His ways,
His purpose and plan;
See only the outcome we have planned,
Even…let go of His hand?

Can't we see that a "No",
Closes only one door;
While our Father with infinite wisdom,
Has so very much more?

To be with Him…for Eternity,
How can this be so bad;
No more pain and suffering,
Of this, we should be glad.

Is it our love or selfishness,
That wants to forever keep;
Our loved-one ever close to us,
Not let them go to sleep?

If Heaven's gates were opened wide,
That we could take a peek;
Perhaps we'd not be self-inclined,
And, see no need to weep.

Our loving Heavenly Father,
Has streets paved with gold;
And mansions beyond number,
Of this, we've all been told.

Why not take Him at His word,
He loves us so…you see;
Why would He send His only Son,
Make it possible… for all to be.

Embraced by Father…in His arms,
He'll wipe away each tear;
We can trust Him…Creator of all,
With Him (Perfect Love), there is no fear.

And, when His answer comes to us,
"Wait", is all we hear;
We…in such a rush,
Take not the time to draw near.

"Wait" only comes that we might see,
A larger… bigger plan;
And that our faith may be increased,
May have a larger span.

"Wait" allows us time to learn,
Lean heavily on Him;
Be drawn closer…closer still,
Learn all He has to teach us…maxim.

For ourselves only…No,
Because, when once we've learned,
He sends us back…others to show,
Our testimony…always intended.

His ways are perfect…Creator…He,
Knows what is best for us;
Tried, tested, and proven…all,
In Him, we totally trust.


Aug. 21, 2000

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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