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1Cor. 15:46 "Howbeit that was not first which is spiritual, but that which is NATURAL; and afterward that which is SPIRITUAL."


Have you ever seen a fire,
Ragging out of control;
Everything burned to a crisp,
Nothing left…at all?

All things in its path,
Burned…right to the ground;
Only dust and ash remain,
No sign of life…around.

And, if caught in that fire,
How would you fare?
"No thanks," you respond,
"I've already been there!"

So…your life has been shaken,
Burned to the core…you think;
No more can happen to you,
You've already gone o'er the brink!

Well, there's a happy ending,
To this story…too;
In the Springtime…with the rain,
New growth…comes popping through.

And, it is so…in our lives,
When all seems so grim;
In the Springtime…with the rain,
New growth…begins again.

Why is it…in our own lives,
Sometimes, a fire comes along;
Burns away all we hold dear,
Makes us wonder what we've done wrong.

As with a "NATURAL" fire,
Sometimes caused by lightning;
And, sometimes…man's carelessness,
Then, the whole world is burning.

Also…a "SPIRITUAL" fire,
Happens in our lives…too;
A work of nature…happens,
Or our own carelessness…so true!

Let's not blame it on our God,
His plans are for our good;
Nor, blame that "other guy",
Or say, "I would…I could…I should."

And, burn away…burn away,
Sometimes so very painful;
We think nothing shall remain,
We forget…our God is faithful.

But learn it…we shall,
And that…all too soon;
That ragging fire in our lives,
We think to be misfortune.

That fire has caused us,
To take a look…inside;
It's burned away the Temporal,
Shown us we have something… besides.

When the wood, hay, and stubble,
By the fire…burned away;
What now remains…Eternal,
Lasting…these will stay.

So, when your life's on fire,
You're charred…beyond belief;
Remember, fire can only burn the "natural",
Your "spirit"…it shall release.


Nov. 16, 2000

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


Photo by John McColgan...Thank you!