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A Love Story*

*The Song of Solomon


There's a Book in the Bible,
Song of Solomon is its name;
Tells the love story between,
The Beloved and the Shulamite…by name.

The Beloved came looking,
Much as JESUS will;
For His Bride…to be His very own,
Seeking one…His Love fulfill.

But, she was so very busy,
And, so very tired, too;
When He found her…to rise up,
Out of bed…more than she could do.

When she… then had risen,
To open up the door;
He had already departed,
To be seen…no more.

Frantic…now was she,
To find her First Love;
Searching for Him…everywhere,
But, no one had seen her True Love.

Sometimes we're just too busy,
We don't hear that soft knocking;
Our LORD walks away…sadly,
With us…He would be loving.

But, happily He came again,
This time she did not tarry;
He was still looking for a Bride,
One that He would marry.

A beautiful story…analogy,
Of Christ and His Bride;
We could learn much from this Book,
Listen to our hearts and then…decide.

He's coming again for His Bride,
Without spot or wrinkle;
One who has prepared herself,
Life cleaned-up…by the Gospel.

So, be ready…be prepared,
Our LORD is coming once again;
Don't know the hour of His appearing,
For He has not told us when.

"Occupy until I come."
Are His words for us;
As He has so often spoken,
So shall it be…thus.

There's so much to look forward to,
Solomon's song…now complete;
Such a happy wedding day,
As our Beloved…now, we greet!


Nov. 13, 2000

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


Our Photo - Hubby's sister (in Mom's wedding gown)