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Today is my first day,
In my Heavenly Home;
Far more than I could have hoped for,
God’s Love…all around me shone.

Angels led the way,
The Pearly Gates…I did see;
And, waiting there was Jesus,
He’d come to welcome me.

Such a greeting there was,
All my loved-ones were there;
All the saints were gathered in,
White garments…we did wear.

‘O glorious reunion,
‘O happiest of days;
Not a tear in any eye,
He wiped them all away.

The trials and tests of yesterday,
All wiped away…all gone;
Who can look backward,
When Heaven is our Home?


Feb. 15, 2001

Aimee Love


(Hubby's "Mom" passed away May 24, 2001.
I’ve dedicated this poem to her and also added her picture.)

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Aimee Love


Our Photo - Hubby's "Mom"