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Ps. 25: 4 "Show me thy ways, O LORD; teach me thy paths."


As we walk on with our Lord,
Closer and closer…we become;
We learn His ways…His gentle manner,
His Love for all…not just for some.

He has enough Love for all,
Enough to go around;
Because, you see, Love is His source,
He is Love…I have found!

A closer walk is my desire,
"Teach me Thy ways."…I pray;
I want to know Him…really know Him,
More and more each day.

Still, it seems…I fall so short,
Yet, like Him…I would be;
I'll walk, close by His side,
His ways, He'll teach to me.

"My ways are ways of Love."
He speaks this to my heart;
And I, so very much desire,
His Love…He will impart.

I know His ways are not my ways,
I only wish they were;
That's why I walk so close to Him,
His gentle nature…stir.

Love is only Love,
When we give it away;
Just as JESUS loved us,
Unconditionally…every day.

Love, as manna…must be partaken,
Fresh…each and every day;
If we clutch it to ourselves,
It can only decay.

JESUS' ways… are ways of Love,
And, like Him…I would be;
So, I'll let Him spread His Love around,
LORD, do it now…through me!


Sept. 4, 2000

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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