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Song of Solomon 2:2:1 “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.”

(Prophetic…for Christ Jesus - Messiah.)


Have you ever stopped in wonder,
As a tiny bud opened wide:
How something so very small,
Could have so much beauty inside?

All the toil and work to produce,
A lasting memory;
Seemed as nothing…now,
Compared to this blossom’s beauty.

Each day it opened wider,
A thing of great beauty to behold;
Each day surpassing those before,
As each petal began to unfold.

Total amazement…total awe,
Spectacular…in our sight;
Our spirit was lifted,
And, our soul leapt with delight.

Each day we looked forward,
To all it would bring;
A newer…wider vision,
Of all the beauty within.

Much as this…so are we,
That tiny bud at “new birth”;
Our spirit…He has quickened (made alive),
His life within…of great worth.

Christ Jesus paid the price in full,
Our salvation…He has bought;
For the joy set before Him,
Our salvation…He has wrought.

The blossom of His life within,
A beauty to behold;
Each day becoming more beautiful,
As His life…unfolds.

Others stand in amazement,
For Christ Jesus’ life they see;
And, nobody is more in awe than we are,
Seeing, IN Him, all that we can be.

Each day we can look forward,
To this beauty…as His life unfolds;
Knowing that what He has begun,
He will finish…and the world shall behold.

A blossom…that’s what we are,
His beauty being seen;
The fragrance of His LOVE escapes,
And, we’re never the same…as we have been.

Let that blossom open wide,
Its beauty and fragrance far-reaching;
Let the world see that blossom,
His hand upon us…we’re forever in His keeping.


June 11, 2002

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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