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James 2:14-26 Amplified Bible (paraphrased)


Faith is not merely a word,
And, a nice word…at that;
It’s something to act upon,
Action…is where it’s at!

There are needs around us,
We see them every day;
Can we just pray about them,
And, then…send them on their way?

There is no 'power' present,
It’s inoperable and dead;
No deeds and acts of obedience,
No works…indifference instead.

One claims to have faith,
And, another has good works;
But, how can we see faith,
Unless obedience is at work?

We believe God is One,
And, think we have great faith;
But, even demons believe,
And, they shudder at their fate.

Are we willing to be shown,
Our foolish…unproductive ways?
With obedience inactive…ineffective,
We’re worthless…all of our days.

Our forefather Abraham,
Showed his faith to us;
In obedience…offered his son Isaac,
His faith was strong…in God…he did trust.

His faith was put to use,
Dormant…it did not remain;
There was action behind the Word,
Obedience to God…was not done in vain.

God saw Abraham as righteous,
He conformed to God’s will in thought and deed;
Scripture was fulfilled,
Abraham was God’s friend…indeed.

A man is justified,
Called righteous before God;
Putting faith into action,
In obedience to his LORD.

Like as Rahab…so are we,
No better and no worse;
We all show that we have faith,
By acting upon God’s Word.

Just as our human body,
Has no life without the spirit;
So, too…faith is also dead,
Unless works of obedience follow it.

Let’s be like faithful Abraham,
And, act upon God’s Word;
Hypocrites…no longer,
Of our lives…He is truly LORD!


May 20, 2003

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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