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The 23rd Psalm

(*That still, small Voice…)


O LORD, I am so tired,
The world has worn me down;
Its cares are over-whelming,
I’m over my head and soon to drown.

*O My dear child…I see the struggle,
Each and every day;
I notice when you are brought low,
That’s not the place to stay.

But, Father, you know how hard I try,
To meet…to fill each need;
Not listening to my own wishes,
Just to do every deed.

*My child…I know you’re tired,
And, well you should be;
But, you have run on…ahead of me,
Not listening to my pleas.

O Father…there’s so much to do,
So many hurting souls;
I do all that I can do,
To lighten every load.

*This is true…my child,
And, I do see your heart;
Still, there are times when,
From the world…you must draw apart.

Father, how am I to do this,
For there’s so much that must be done;
So many needs that must be met,
There’s no time…your work, I must not shun.

*O little one…do you not see,
That needs there will always be?
It’s a never-ending task,
That’s why you still need me.

Yes, I can see I’ve run ahead,
Tried to do so much on my own;
And, in my haste to help others,
Farther away from you…I have grown.

*Alright, my child…let me refresh,
Give rest to your soul;
Come…take my hand,
And, through my garden…we shall stroll.

*I give rest to the weary,
Build you up and restore;
Just a quiet walk with me,
My healing balm…upon you…let me pour.

*Set aside our times of fellowship,
Commune with me each day;
Ask me of my intentions,
As Adam did…in the cool of the day.(Gen.3:8)

*It’s not enough to run ahead,
To do all that needs doing;
And, then at the close of the day,
Ask me for my blessing.

*Begin your day seeking my face,
Ask me…what’s for today;
Together…we’ll work it out,
You won’t be tired…if you give heed to what I say!


Dec. 6, 2002

Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


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