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How will this pure white blossom grow,
How will it bloom through storm and snow;
Through wind and hail and falling rain,
Will it survive, remain the same?

Born in the early days of Spring,
It woke to hear a robin sing;
And lifting up its eyes did sign,
To see a rainbow in the sky.

Through all of life's trials - that come and go,
Its roots go down deep - of this we know;
And, like our love, it shall not die,
But bloom forever beneath God's sky.


(This is the poem our LORD brought back to my mind: and then, He started me into writing poetry again. I wrote it when I first met my future husband - age 15-1/2. And, received a triple "A" mark for it, in High School.)

November 15, 1954


Aimee Love

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Aimee Love


Graphic made by Abrin using psp 5 and tube

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